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Associate/Senior Associate -(Technical)

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  • Kolkata
  • 2019-01-24
  • Vacancies Post Avilable

Required Experience

Minimum: 1 Years


Rs 1.10 - 3.60 Lacs p.a / Yearly

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Visa Requirement


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Education Requirements

Candidate must have following qualification:-


Candidate must having the following Skills in these tools or technologies


Experience: 1 to 6 years


Opening for WordPress developer should possess the following qualities:

Extensive knowledge of basic WordPress APIs including the Plugin, Options, Settings, Shortcode, Rewrite, and Database APIs.

Ability to quickly research and utilize additional WordPress APIs as needed.

Extensive knowledge of WordPress action and filter hooks, how to use them, and when they occur.

Intermediate knowledge of general WordPress classes including WP_Query, WP_Post, and WP_Error

Working knowledge of the basic structure of a theme.

Ability to write ajax or general requests to WordPress using the wp_ajax hook.

Ability to properly enqueue scripts and styles.

Familiarity with and the ability to implement or modify class-based themes and plugins.

Architecture-minded approach to writing any methods that require data retrieval—the least amount of calls to the database, the better.

Familiarity with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and its APIs, and the foresight to know when and when not to use this plugin or others like it.

JOB FUNCTION:IT Software : Software Products & Services

SPECIALIZATION:Application Programming